Ranking of members

Member ranking is calculated monthly and announced in the beginning of the next month. With the exception of repo transactions and derivatives market ranking is calculated in manats for government and corporate securities market.

Rank #   Name   Annual turnover
1   Unicapital İ.Ş ASC   1,186,734,665.04
2   Paşa Kapital İ.Ş." QSC   1,139,234,383.13
3   İNVEST-AZ QSC   948,268,343.78
4   "AzFinance İ.Ş." QSC   816,602,619.31
5   Xalq Kapital QSC   222,954,014.42
6   "PSG Kapital İ.Ş."QSC   88,201,199.10
7   "Kapital Menecment İ.Ş."ASC   -