Membership in BSE

Trading on Baku Stock Exchange is only conducted among the market participants who have obtained stock exchange membership in line with BSE internal membership procedures and trading rules.

Members of the Baku Stock Exchange have the opportunity to place orders on traded securities, provide service to investors or get engaged in investment activities themselves by connecting to the BSE trading platform from distance. In addition, exchange member investment companies offer customers who are legal persons an opportunity to raise capital on the exchange to meet their financial needs.

Members of the Baku Stock Exchange or persons applied for membership shall only be legal persons with effective investment company license issued by the SCS. Under no circumstances natural persons can become exchange members or apply for membership.

Persons applying for membership shall meet the conditions set under the internal procedures of the Exchange. Eligibility of an applicant is assessed and decided by the Internal Membership Committee. Exchange membership is granted on applicant’s eiligibility and conformity to the requirements. Visit  BSE Membership Rules  to learn more about membership procedures.

Financial committments of exchange members include one-off admission fee and annual fees. Read more at Tariff table of the BSE.

At present Baku Stock Exchange has 6 members.