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Bills auction result

Trading news

On May 7th, 2019 placement of T-bonds of Ministry of Finance with the ISIN of AZ0105008756 was carried out at Baku Stock Exchange.

Orders were submitted by 11 investors and total volume of 17 orders was  33,010,200.00  AZN  at face value.

The orders were submitted in price ranges 96.6274 AZN (9.90%)  and 100.9130 AZN (7.5%).

The Ministry of Finance set the cut off price 98.4192 AZN (8.88%)  and the volume weighted average price of  98.5851 AZN (8.78%)

The settlement date of T-bills is 08.05.2019 (t+1).

The volume of T-bills realized at face value was 20,000,000.00 AZN.

The maturity date of T-bills is  04.05.2021.

Turnover of T-bills is 728 days.