Audit Committee
It is the body responsible for preparing and applying BSE’s audit policy and strategy, and organizing the audit of BSE’s activities.

Committee Members: Orujov Farid (Chairman), Namig Gadirov (Member), Gafarov Goshgar (Member)


Listing Committee
The Committee provides processes for Listing, Delisting, and Trading of Securities

Committee Members: Yahyayev Murad (Member), Yolchiyev Matin (Member), Mustafayev İbrahim (Member), Mehdiyev Museyyib (Member)


Dispute Settlement Commission
The main function of the commission is to comment the stock market rules and also settlement of disputes arising on the stock exchange.

Commission Members: Yahyayev Murad (Chairman), Hasanov Sayid (Member), Mehdiyev Museyyib (Member), Ibrahimov Jeyhun (Member), Yolchiyev Matin (Member)


Membership Commission
Carries out evaluation of the application for membership at Baku Stock Exchange

Commission Members: Yolchiyev Matin (Chairman), Yahyayev Murad (Member), Vilenskiy Vladislav (Member), Ibrahimov Urfan (Member)