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The issuance parameters for the placement of T-Bills, bonds for the 19 April, 2016 is the following:


Date of


19.04.2016 19.04.2016
Type of bonds T-Bills DQİ
ISIN AZ0104010498 AZ0102009492
The volume of the issue


10 000 000 10 000 000
Face value


100 100
Term of circulation 364 days 182
Interest rate
Interest payment dates


The maturity date 18.04..2017 18.10.2016
The minimal required amount of the volume of orders for the auction to be held (with regards to the realized  bond amount during the auction)


Underwriter Unicapital OJSC Unicapital OJSC


Noncompetitive bids not exceeding 20% of the issue volume are allowed at the auction.

Note: If the ratio of the volume of orders proposed by the auction participants for acquiring bonds to the volume of bonds issued by the Issuer is lower than the value set by the Issuer, then Issuer has the right of not accepting these orders.