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T-Bills (AZ0105001553) placement results

Trading news

On February 28, 2017 placement of T-notes of Ministry of Finance with the ISIN number AZ0105001553 was carried out at Baku Stock Exchange.

Orders were submitted by 7 investors and total volume of all orders were 23,574,200.00 AZN at face value.

The orders were submitted in price ranges 86.5041 AZN (23.8749%) and 100.0000 AZN (15.0000%).

The Ministry of Finance set the cut off price in the amount 100.0000 AZN (15.0000%) and the weighted average price in the amount of 100.0000 AZN (15.0000%).

The settlement date of T-bills is 01.03.2017 (t+1).

The volume of T-bills realized at face value was 10 000 000 AZN.

The maturity date of T-bills is 26.02.2019.

Term of circulation of T-bills is 728 days.