Derivative Market

Currency pairs and commodity derivatives agreed with an exchange are traded in derivatives market.

  • Short info about commodity derivatives market

    Prices (quotations) of financial instruments (CFD) in BSE facilitated commodity derivatives market are provided by market-makers who have signed contracts with the BSE. At present, “Invest AZ” LLC acts as the market-maker of the market.

    Through its conflict free, transparent settlement and execution mechanism, the BSE meets the expectations of all the organizations intending to provide these services. BSE maintains control over the financial tools committed by its assigned market maker and accurate, immediate and transparent execution of their daily volumes.

    The following commodity based derivatives are currently traded on BSE:

    - Gold
    - Silver
    - Oil

    Interested persons may fill in, sign and submit the following application to the Baku Stock Exchange on behalf of an authorized person of organization.

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