“Listing tariffs on Baku Stock Exchange CJSC”

Listing tariffs

Annual maintenance fee for listing

Bazar seqmenti   Listinqdə saxlanılması üzrə illik xidmət haqqı
Prime market   1000 manat
Standard market   500 manat
Alternative market   When securities admitted to listing on the request of issuer 200 manat
Exemptions from the annual listing maintenance fee
Government guaranteed bonds issued by municipalities, local authorities and other government agencies
Government guaranteed bonds issued by the Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund under the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Zero risk and risk free bonds recommended by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in line with Basel II principles
Joint Stock Companies where the Government of Azerbaijan owns a significant amount of shares (i.e. 51 % and over).

The tariffs do not apply to the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

An issuer whose shares are admitted to listing in Main and Standard markets shall pay an annual service fee applicable for the relevant market when the issuer’s bonds are admitted to listing on Main and Standard markets.