Trade tariffs

Transaction tariffs on Baku Stock Exchange is determined by the Management Board of the BSE.

Trading fees

Trading fees

Financial instrument   Fees   Other conditions
Government securities    
Auction Central Bank Notes   Monthly - 0,05%
Ministry of Finance bonds   35 daily - 0,04%
91 daily - 0,04%
182 daily - 0,04%
364 daily - 0,04%
728 daily - 0,04%
1092 daily - 0,04%
  Commission fee is charged on transaction volume. Buyer charges commission fee during allotment*
Secondary market   0,01%
  Commission fee is charged from transaction volume and from both sides (except market maker transactions)

* No comission fee charged from the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Finance.

** When par value of bonds is in foreign currency, the comission fee shall be paid in manats in accordance with the rate established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the current date.