Derivative Market

Currency pairs and commodity derivatives agreed with an exchange are traded in derivatives market.

  • Short info about foreign exchange derivatives market

    Currency market is the largest financial market in the world that trades currencies of various countries. National currencies of different countries traded in Currency market. Profits are derived from the difference between the traded currency rates.

    In BSE facilitated currency derivative market prices are provided by market makers who have signed contracts with the exchange. At present, “Invest AZ Investment Company” CJSC acts as the market-maker of the market.

    Taking into account the latest and fundamental developments world derivatives market, the BSE aims to bring its services safely to the investors and offers the following unique services:
    • Creation of regulatory and control mechanism;
    • Organization of the single market for financial derivatives;
    • Plain execution in the market and monitoring of settlement transparency;
    • Ensuring transparency of prices and transaction volumes in the market;
    • Increasing accuracy, conformity and reliability of financial derivatives.

    Through its conflict free, transparent settlement and execution mechanism, the BSE meets the expectations of all the organizations intending to provide these services. BSE maintains control over the financial tools committed by its assigned market maker and accurate, immediate and transparent execution of their daily volumes.

    BSE facilitates trade of derivatives based on the following currencies:

    USD: US Dollar
    EUR: Euro (Currency of the European Union)
    RUB: Russian Ruble
    DKK: Danish Krone
    JPY: Japanese Yen
    PLN: Polish Zloty
    GBP: British Pound
    SEK: Swedish Krona
    TRY: Turkish Lira
    NOK: Norwegian Krone
    NZD: New Zealand Dollar
    HKD: Hong-Kong Dollar
    CHF: Swiss Franc
    HUF: Hungarian Forint
    CAD: Canadian Dollar
    ZAR: South African Rand
    AUD: Australian Dollar
    SGD: Singapore Dollar
    MXN: Mexican peso

    Interested parties may fill in, sign and submit the following application to the Baku Stock Exchange on behalf of an authorized person of organization.

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